Petition for a Free United Famagusta

The displaced citizens of Famagusta are joining their voices and efforts in solidarity and seek the return of their town to its lawful inhabitants pursuant to UN/EU resolutions. The return of Famagusta and the opening of its port under UN/EU supervision, would help to improve the trust and confidence. This would lead the way towards economic and political benefits for both communities, including the following: -

  1. The return of Famagusta is part of the Confidence Building Measures which was declared a priority in the High Level Agreements between the leaders of the two communities in 1979, as well as the subsequent UN Security Council Resolutions and European Parliament Resolutions.
  2. The return of Famagusta would create significant economic benefits to both communities at a time when there is an economic crisis in Cyprus. The renovation of Famagusta shall provide substancial employment opportunities through building and development projects and raise the level of cooperation between both communities.
  3. By safeguarding the rights of its lawful inhabitants to return back to their homes in peace, freedom, and security, Turkey would show a progress on her bad record of violating Fundamental Human Rights.


President: Dr. Vassilis Mavrou